Efficient Drayage Solutions at DXL

Seamless short-haul transportation for your freight, anywhere in North America.

Experience the Efficiency of DXL Drayage

Ensuring efficient short-haul transportation is crucial for optimizing your supply chain. At Direct Xpress Logistics (DXL), we offer reliable and cost-effective drayage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require container movement between ports and rail yards, distribution centres and warehouses, or first- and last-mile delivery, our dedicated team and extensive network ensure seamless short-haul journeys for your freight.

Benefits of DXL Drayage Services

Extensive Coverage

Access a vast network of carriers and strategically located terminals, offering nationwide coverage and flexibility.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Optimize your budget with competitive rates and customized drayage plans to fit your specific requirements

Reliable & On-Time Delivery

Experience peace of mind with our commitment to on-time deliveries, minimizing delays and disruptions.

Enhanced Transparency & Communication

Gain real-time tracking and proactive communication for complete visibility throughout your shipment's journey.

Ready to Optimize Your Supply Chain with DXL Drayage?

Contact our team of drayage experts today for a free consultation and personalized quote. We're committed to providing you with a seamless and efficient solution that meets your budget and timeline expectations. Let DXL handle your short-haul transportation needs, while you focus on what matters most - your core business.