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DXL handles hundreds of Dry loads in all 48 states on a daily basis. Load types include palletized, floor loaded, time sensitive, drop trailer, high value, and hazmat. We understand diverse needs surrounding Dry freight shipments. Our areas of expertise range from hauling recyclable material, finished retail goods, furniture, among many other commodities. Whether you need Dry Vans on a recurring basis, have a single airport shipment, or simply need to take care of an urgent order, these are a few of the types of shipments we specialize in. If we haul it once, unless there are changes,  you will not have to tell us the details again.

*Top 10 Dry Origin States and % between those states:

TN 21%, CA 27%, NV 10%, IN 10%, GA 8%, KY 7%,  OH 5%, NJ 2%, IL 2%, NM (1%)

*Top 10 Dry Destination States and % between those states:

CA 37%, OH 32%, IN 13%, AZ 8%, NJ 3%, TX 2%, VA 1%, NV 1%, KS 2%, IA 1%

FTL Dry Van

We come through for you whether it's repeated loads or just an urgent order you need shipped - we get it done.

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